Visual Storytelling & the Hero’s Journey

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To create truly transformational products, services, and customer experiences we need to connect with an change how the customer sees themselves and the world. Storytelling is the time-proven way to do this: Stories have been guiding how we make sense of the world and driving human decisions to shape history for at least 10,000s years.

Before people learnt to write things down, stories only survived if they could be remembered and passed on, thus stories faced constant selective pressure, and only those that were most memorable and transferable would be retained from generation to generation.

Most mythology falls into this category, and analysis of story strucutre of myths like the Odyssey and religious myths across cultures, continents and time reveals a consistent underlying pattern to these powerful stories.

Leveraging this proven story structure in your sales stories helps engage your buyer and transform world views.

In this video, Mark Gibson of Admarco talks about how to use visual storytelling in your sales conversations, including best practice on how to structure your story, who is the hero of the story and how much time to allocate to specific sections of the story.

Read more on Mark’s posts on storytelling for B2B sales.


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