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Discover the #1 Online Marketing Strategy for Coaches

Learn how to get coaching clients with webinars

Are you Coach who wants to enrol more ideal clients and grow your business?

Webinars are one of the fastest ways to attract 10’s or 100’s of prospects, engage them with free training, and invite them to a strategy call where you can enrol them as clients.

I’ve prepared this comprehensive Free Training to show you how run webinars from the comfort of your home or office, and attract and enrol the exact clients you want in your high end coaching programs.

How to fill your Coaching Programs with Webinars

Hi, I’m Dallas McMillan. I help coaches who want to fill their high end programs learn how to sell using using webinars.

Most coaches who try to get clients with webinars make the mistake of trying to sell their programs and services on the webinar. It doesn’t work!

Register now to join my Free Get Clients with Webinars training where I’ll teach you step-by-step the right way to use webinars to enrol your ideal clients with just your laptop and mobile phone.

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Getting Clients with Webinars is Simple

1. Attract Prospects to Your Webinars

2. Engage with Valuable Content

3. Enrol them on the Phone

Webinars are one of the most effective way to reach ideal clients, position yourself as an expert, and make it easy to invite people to work with you without being salesy or pushy.

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Step 1: Attract Prospects to Your Webinars

Create a valuable, engaging and entertaining webinar that helps your ideal client solve a problem or reach a goal, and fill your webinar

A good webinar topic means that clients will be attracted to join and also qualified as needing your help.

How else could you get the undivided attention of so many people in your target market?

Get clients with webinars

Step 2: Engage them with Useful Content

Congratulations, so you’ve got people registered for your webinar! Next you will deliver fun and helpful training that gives real value and inspires them to take action with you.

Because you are adding value and showing how you can understand and solve their problem, attendees will see you as the consultant they’ve been looking for and if they need help will want to speak with you. 

At the conclusion of the webinar, you simply invite people who need your help to a phone conversation about how you can help them.

Step 3: Enrol them as Clients

Fantastic! Your audience loved the free training! And even better some of them applied for a free strategy call with you to discuss how you can help them.

Next, you simply run a strategy session to identify where they are now, where they want to be, and how you can help them get there.

If you can help and they are a good client for you, you can invite them to sign them up for your coaching programs or services.

Congratulations! You have a new coaching client!

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Insider Secrets to Get Coaching Clients with Webinars

Don’t try to sell from the Webinar 

Don’t try to sell on the phone 

Don’t “Always be Closing”

If you try to sell your coaching products, programs or services the way you see people sell low and mid priced items from webinars, you’ll fail.

Learn the right way to sell high value coaching programs and services from Webinars


Congratulations! You have a new coaching client!

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The Best Webinar Software for Coaches

Discover The Tools You Need to Get Started

Learn the software and hardware you need to run a client-getting webinar, and to convert the people you want to help into appointments for sales conversations.

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Essential Client Enrolment Training for Coaches

Are you ready to start attracting more clients than you need?
Wish you had a single solution to help you build a relationship with new potential clients online?

Webinars help people to:

  • Know
  • Like &
  • Trust you so that they can
  • Try &
  • Buy your most valuable products & services.


Join the free training to get started with webinars

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Webinar Funnel Consulting

Too excited to wait? I help coaches, consultants and professionals get more high value clients with webinars. Watch the video to learn more and apply for a free strategy session.

Apply for a Webinar Strategy Session

If you have an existing Webinar and are already generating 6 figures selling high value products or services and want expert advice to improve your funnel, apply for a free strategy session.

(Note: This is only if you are already successfully selling a $2K+ product, program or service and are ready to invest in your sales funnel). If this isn’t you, please don’t apply for a strategy session! Register for the Webinar and get the free training instead. That will help you DIY until you are ready to apply.)

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What are you  waiting for?

Join my free training to learn how to start attracting clients from anywhere in the world.

Discover to easily attract & enrol more ideal clients with a Webinar

  • Use Social Media, Ads & Remarketing to attract new prospects
  • Attract a steady stream of new prospects into your sales pipeline
  • Position yourself as an trusted authority in your niche & industry
  • Pre-sell and qualify clients before you speak to them
  • Enrol clients at a premium price over the phone

All from the comfort of your home, office, or favourite place (even while travelling)

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