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Dallas McMillan

Digital Brand Strategist

Welcome to the Digital Influence webinar series

Hi, I’m Dallas. I’m a brand strategist at Influential – the digital agency for professionals. 

Join me on every Thursday night at 7pm AEST for a FREE webinar where we learn from the experience and strategies of top influencers and how they used the web to build their personal brand and create the change they wanted to see in the world. 

Each week you’ll be learning (from people who’ve actually done it themselves) how to build an online presence that will attract great clients, build your expert brand, and deliver remarkable value.

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Digital Influence Webinars

How to build your social sales funnel

Most professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs know they need to be online, but don’t know what to say when they get there!
That’s why I created  Digital Influence – it’s your blueprint to help you build a valuable and profitable digital brand.

Join me for this free webinar this Thursday (7pm Australian time) where you’ll learn how to design your social sales funnel so that you can create, deliver and capture more value in your business.

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This is what you’ll learn in this free training webinar

 How to set up your influencer platform so that you are found on Google
 How to leverage the power of social media to attract clients and build your brand
 How to share your expertise to build trust & add value
Why you need a signature process to deliver a consistent results
 Package your services to deliver (and capture) maximum value

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