Why Entrepreneurial Professionals Fail When Building High Value Scalable Businesses

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Critical Factors in building a High Value, Scaleable Business

I’m Dallas McMillan. I’m a Strategic Marketing Consultant Specialising in Developing, Marketing and Selling High Value Professional Services. Today I’m going to share some of the critical factors for success when building a high value, scaleable business.

I first got interested in this 10 years ago when I was a partner at a large vet practice. I realised that once you’d become an expert at what you do, it was hard to grow your income and make a bigger difference doing what you love.

The traditional way of growing a professional services firm is by taking on more staff and growing a practice, but this means doing less of what you are great at and instead becoming a manager and business owner.

Professionals are Tired of Delaying Success and Fulfillment

This approach can work but has a high cost and trade-offs in terms of time, money and lifestyle. Increasingly, professionals are reluctant to work for decades to build a business hoping to enjoy retirement.

Today, the most talented and passionate professionals want to make a difference doing what they love, and get paid well for it, without having to sacrifice their lifestyle or build a large practice or business.

Over the last 3 years I’ve been focused on how helping professionals who are great at what they do to increase their income and make a bigger impact doing what they love, without a large team.

Creating a High Value, Scaleable Business is the best way for coaches, consultants and service professionals to increase their income and make a difference doing what they love.

But Most People who try to create a High Value, Scalable Business fail because they don’t make enough money, are overworked, or don’t love what they do.

If you like the idea of a High Value, Scaleable Business Doing what You Love, make sure you address these 10 points so that you achieve success.

I’ve identified 10 reasons why people who are great at what they do FAIL when they try to scale their income, impact and influence

10 Reasons Entrepreneurial Professionals Fail

10 Reasons Entrepreneurial Professionals Fail

  1. Thinking small or being stuck in old ways of thinking
  2. Trying to do it on their own
  3. Low performance environment
  4. Don’t have a roadmap
  5. Shiny New Things
  6. Too comfortable
  7. Don’t want to learn new things/technology
  8. Give Up too soon
  9. They “Think about it” instead of taking action

Act in Alignment with your Goals

Don’t get stuck – to reach your goals you need to take focused action aligned with your vision. That’s the Key to success

Let’s rephrase these 10 problems as 10 Keys to success – positive actions and habits to give us something to model and aim for.

Build a High Value Scalable Business - 10 Keys to Success

10 Keys to Successfully Build a High Value, Scaleable Business

  1. Mindset
  2. Mentor
  3. Mastermind
  4. Method
  5. Momentum
  6. Willing to change
  7. Purpose
  8. Committed to Learning
  9. Consistency
  10. Action Takers

Watch the Video Below to Learn More about the 10 Keys to Success

Watch the Keys to Success Video

Are you in Alignment?

When you start acting in alignment with your goals, you’ll start moving toward where you want to go.

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