Why your clients seek out High Profile Professionals

Dallas McMillan Branding

When your clients are faced with high value challenges, they seek out someone they can trust. Liz Harr, from Hinge Marketing discusses the results of research into why buyers choose Visible Experts℠.

Visibile Experts℠ are a group of professionals that Hinge Marketing has identified in their research – they have attained high visibility and a reputation for expertise in the marketplace. Hinge has studied how these professionals build their profile, as well as why buyers seek them out.

While most buyers have several reasons for choosing a visible expert, the most common ones are to solve critical problems, building their brand through association with the Visible Expert, and because of their confidence in working with an industry leader.

Learn what your clients are looking for when selecting a professional services provider.

visibleexpert-bookWant to learn more about how you can leverage the power of Visible Experts℠ in your firm?

Download a copy of Hinge Marketing’s Visible Expert Book.

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